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Zhonglingshineng was invited to attend The third session of the Silk Road Economic Zone with the power of cooperation and development forum was a complete success

       Three days of the third Silk Road economic zone with the successful conclusion of the power cooperation and development forum, the success of the trip to the success of the trip to Xinjiang.
      It is The exhibition, “Dianbo” "by the way" trend, in response to the westbound called "going out", "to create a safe life" concept of publicity, access to the exhibition many exhibitors of all ages.
        reported that the "new definition of new safety - safe electricity exchange" will be held by the Chinese company (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. to obtain the support of the exhibition and exhibitors, news media friends, the scene is lively, crowded, Many people in the power industry were attracted by the magic of the “Dianbo”, the exchange will be after the end of the crowd, and with the staff exchanges, people from all walks of life have a strong interest, and after the exchange to the booth before the detailed advice on product principles and Features:
       “Dianbo” , like a "amazing magic magician" for everyone to show incredible electricity environment: the body touch powered on tweezers without electric shock, the socket into the water with the powered on is not conductive, the line normal work ..... magic function, attracted Surprise audience stop, from time to time exclaimed, They all said with a smile: You really "never electric die" company ah ...

      “Dianbo” is a product that essentially solves the problem of electricity safety. At present, china have many of our country's manufacturing enterprises ,“Dianbo”can effectively eliminate the accidental electric shock and leakage accident caused by improper use of electrical equipment. The occurrence of electrical fires is a patented product that directly protects the terminal from electricity. The product uses the independent research and development core technology to filter the basic current to the waves and absorb it again, so as to achieve the safety protection effect. At present, the product has been CE certified , PCT.
       Information of the times, the rapid development of intelligent technology, there have been new products: waterproof outlet, leakage protection, isolation transformer .... In fact these products, are not fundamentally put an end to the hazards of electricity. And the emergence of “Dianbo”, from the fundamental to reduce or even eliminate the occurrence of electricity hazards, so that safe electricity possible.
       “Dianbo”west of the trip, as we opened a new safe electricity door, this "black technology" products are also shine in the show.


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