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Zhonglingshineng in 2017 the third Xinjiang Asia and Europe Power Technology and Equipment Exhibition and then cited attention

          Recently, the Ministry of Commerce of China International Economic and Technical Exchange Center, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, mechanical and electrical products import and export Chamber of Commerce and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Department of Commerce to help,The third phase of the "2017 Third Xinjiang - Asia-Europe Power Technology and Equipment Exhibition, the third Silk Road economic zone of power cooperation and development forum held in Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center grand, our products" Dianbo "re-cited Attention.

          The exhibitors include ABB, Siemens, Shanghai Electric, Dongfang Electric, West Electric Group, Taikai Group, Dechun Electric Power, Chunxu Electric Power more than 300 domestic and foreign well-known enterprises exhibitors,"Dianbo" by virtue of its water does not conduct the electric shock of the magic greatly appreciate the parties exclaimed.Three days during the show, we are due to Division I staff demonstrated the socket placed in the water does not happen any conductive phenomenon stop, it has a strong interest in the details of the consultation principle, the concept of electricity security deeply agree.

          Our operation director Zhang Minghui in an interview with reporters to the “Dianbo” so why this so amazing is because of its design principle is to uphold the protection of people's lives and property as a principle, in recent years, the occurrence of various types of electricity events endless, from manufacturing ,to Small residents to life are due to our daily life inadvertently small mistakes caused by the tragedy, we design this product is the original intention is to avoid small incidents cause great harm.
          In the era of rapid development of intelligent technology, electricity is a necessity. However, the harm and the coexistence of the desired, the accident, leakage accident occurred, due to lack of safety awareness caused by electricity overload, the line premature aging caused by fire casualties for the national people's property has brought a very Big damage, “Dianbo” can greatly reduce the frequency of such accidents. “Dianbo” this product come out, effectively filled the power se curity accident protection of this market gap, the power industry is another stage of the security upgrade.  


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