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Science and technology innovation changes the life,
ZhongLingShiNeng changes science and technology.


       ZhongLingShiNeng(Tianjin) Technology Co.,Ltd., a new generation accelerating intelligent power
security leading enterprise, which is a new strength for China intelligent power security field to practice cutting-edge concept, and lead the development of the industry. Series products of ZhongLingShiNeng adhere to the brand philosophy of "high quality, safety, originality" , since her register in Tianjin Free Trade Area Airport Economic Zone on 26, January, 2016, ZhongLingShiNeng has always adhered to the philosophy of people-oriented, quality as bottom, security as great goal, technology as the core, and she has spared no effort to explore intelligent power security solutions, obtaining an excellent reputation among the industry and consumers.
       ZhongLingShiNeng is such a high-tech enterprise that integrates the origination of their own patented product - "Power Security Fort" intelligent integrated power security device’s development, design, production and sale as one, and also can provide service of authorized use of patented technology and intelligent power security solutions.
       The company patent product "Power Security Fort" is currently the only one subversive product to essentially solve intelligent power security issues, which provides a feasibility program and the use of precedent for the future of electricity safety control field, the technology is entirely independent research and development, completely possessing the ownership of patented technology and intellectual property, now has acquired the utility model patent certificate and passed the national product quality supervision and inspection report.Its main features and performance are just to connect the output of the power circuit with the input of Power Security Fort, and connect the output of Power Security Fort with wire under the premise of without changing the original system power circuit, which not only can prevent the users from accidental electric shock damage in the process of using electricity, but also avoid the fire of power system caused by power circuit and electrical failure.
       In the future, ZhongLingShiNeng will continue to forge ahead to provide  all consumers with better quality, more professional products and services, and become the most reliable partner throughout the market of intelligent power security device in our country and become a pioneer flag of high-tech industry, and will continually make greater contributions to the development of China's scientific and technological innovation !


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